Monday, December 20, 2010

For night illumination picture you must await Christmas Eve

Festoon Fox illumined by day

In another preparation for days of yule, here beginning on Christmas Eve except for church Christmas pageants, etc, already well accomplished, Festoon, some maintain long-dead, has been glamorized for this most mirthful season.

He sits on a ledge looking down over Waukesha's Five Points, the hub of downtown commerce. But in the 60's he stood in a store window on Grand Ave, only a block away.

Friends may visit him again, holding forth in his current aerie. Peerers at street level must look up to our 3rd (top) floor location. There will likely be a candle also burning in the center window. Festoon is behind and above that. He, brightly lit, now directly faces the Fox River, which is only right.

For historical purposes,see

Thanks to Mel Stark for the taxidermy restoration