Monday, December 13, 2010

Well, I'll be DAG-GONE!

That's what Gramaw said,
"Well, I'll be DAG-GONE!"
Last evening, when I borrowed the phone from Dee to read a note to her Maryland mother, aka: Gramaw, that Dee received from a member of 1st Congregational at the annual Santa Lucia gift opening, Gramaw, Jeannie Means, uttered her famous exclamatory. "Well, I'll be dag-gone!"

Dee's hard-working parents deserve to hear such news of their daughter. They hated to lose her to Wisconsin back in 1981. Dee receives occasional notes and cards from her church friends in Waukesha, expressing grateful acknowledgement of her gifts to the church, & etc. Last night I wanted her folks to hear this chap's touching sentiment:

Gramaw, strong-handed, also said:

" God love his heart!"