Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mother Denise
known as The Church Lady in some circles
is represented in this surprise tableau
on Valentine's Day.

Yes, we've caught her Ecclesiastic foundation
with the upside-down Berea College cup
for the Mexican Day of the Dead figurine
to stand upon.

People will know right away that isn't Dee
because she would never dye her hair blue 
but some will suspect that the selection
was well-thought-out anyway.

Dee has been a servant throughout her life
though some of us have not deserved
her ministrations
but I for one have given up gnashing my teeth
over that

and I just thank Providence
for my good fortune
in having this woman I so love

and every day.

Last night Dee prepared a beef roast for our supper
here at the Odd Fellows Hall.
Fresh out of the oven the meat rests over the
potatoes and carrots and celery and onions.
The ensemble simmered in mutual
juices for about 2 and 1/2 hours
till done to perfection.

Absent children will recognize the old hunting plate
that attracted us many years ago at Kruger's Antiques
on Madison St.
It was a promotional plate a merchant had
added his name to, tastefully, in small letters.

Many meals have been launched from
this plate, but I dare say,
none as delicious as Dee's last evening.
My German Grandma called it 'boiled dinner'
but this one was roasted in the oven.

The scent reminded Dee 
of how good daughter Erin used to smell
after emerging from Susanne Carman's
following Erin's piano lessons
on days Susanne was making the same dish 
for her family.

This is the same bowl my grandmother served the boiled dinner in.
horseradish is a requisite.

On another Valentine front,
this mother moose showed up in the driveway yesterday
at out other daughter Laurie Kari's in Alaska.
Laurie was amused by the probable impression
the moose would make on her own teen-age girls
who were out on an errand when the moose strode in.

I wonder if the menu for their supper
was roast from their store of  moose?

When I put the image on our screensaver
it only picked up the lower 2/3s of the beast.

Good luck to all
in your expressions of love
this year!