Monday, February 20, 2012

Sweet Leilani; Hair

No.  It is Norblei's daily Door County WI picture of dawn yesterday over Lake Michigan.
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declared extraneous matter
by the YIBAWEan Society
- founded 1987 -
and search the SRN under 'Yibawe'

is nevertheless occasionally 
tended to at the Odd Fellows.
Shown here, Dee has now reached
a hair length that allows a new wind
that will keep her hair out of her eyes
as she whirls dervish-like
on her various rounds.

Dee did not ask us to print
these photos in the raccoon.
She wanted a picture taken for
her family.

That's what she wanted
but since they read the news
they will receive these in
this avenue as well as via
the Email she will attach them to.

The SRN is solely owned.


On my front

Dee Saturday took the clippers
to my fringe
thus sprucing
the loose barken strands
ahead of RDD's Sunday segue.

There will be glad-handing
and embraces galore.
Now that is past tense.
There were handshakes
and hugs galore,

something this Englishman
but to little avail

Returned to True North
 there is still some brown
among the gray.