Monday, February 6, 2012

old friends

          IN GENESEE DEPOT...........
has long been moved a bit away from the tracks and made into a little restaurant
that we've frequented for many years.

The restored station depot is where the Broadway stage friends of
Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne used to disembark for lovely
weekends up the wooded lane at Ten Chimneys.

Good chum Roy Tinnes met me in Genesee Depot at the cafe for breakfast last week.
Roy's been a Genesee resident for decades.  A friendly guy with a ready smile,
he drove milk delivery semis to Chicago most of his working life.

Retired, he shares historic stories at his leisure at the Depot cafe.

Darcy the waitress let Roy hold her hand because
he is so well known as a regular.  Like clockwork he
shows up at 9 AM after picking up his mail and has his standard
breakfast of oat meal and honey.

Visit the restaurant, notice Roy and Darcy.


FUN THEORY: play this


Another friend, writer 
Norb Blei
of Ellison Bay, Door Co. WI
(We call him Norblei, like the cartoonist, Herblock.

He sent us a Utube clip that he made recently from his worksite,
a chicken coop in the Door County woods:

Watch the video