Saturday, February 22, 2014

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I had a dog
   who loved flowers.
         Briskly she went
              through the fields,

yet paused
   for the honeysuckle
         or the rose,
                   her dark head

and her wet nose
         the face
                     of every one

with its petals
   of silk,
         with its fragrance

into the air
       where the bees,
         their bodies
                        heavy with pollen,

     and easily
             she adored
                        every blossom,

not in the serious,
   careful way
              that we choose
                                            this blossom or that blossom—

the way we praise or don't praise—
   the way we love
         or don't love—
              but the way

we long to be—
   that happy
                            in the heaven of earth—
                            that wild, that loving.

"Luke" by Mary Oliver from Dog Songs. © Penguin, 2013


Nonsense Song

My love is like a red red rose
Or concerts for the blind,
She's like a mutton-chop before
And a rifle-range behind.

Her hair is like a looking-glass,
Her brow is like a bog,
Her eyes are like a flock of sheep
Seen through a London fog.

Her nose is like an Irish jig,
Her mouth is like a 'bus,
Her chin is like a bowl of soup
Shared between all of us.

Her form divine is like a map
Of the United States,
Her foot is like a motor-car
Without its number-plates.

No steeple-jack shall part us now
Nor fireman in a frock;
True love could sink a Channel boat
Or knit a baby's sock.

"Nonsense Song" by W.H. Auden from As I Walked Out One Evening. © Vintage Books, 1995


I had a deck in Waukesha

("I had a farm in Africa....." Isak Dinesen)

James Taylor


Life is like that:

Rec'd 2-21-14
from Raccoon reader
Rev. Dr. Tom Bentz, UCC New Jersey
with thanks


From Laurie in AK:


Rec'd 2-21-14:

Her shelter video:


Runny eggs and toast

As Downtown denizens
Dee and I sometimes catch breakfast
at Dady-oh's in the old Metropolitan.
[Why they did not spell Daddy right
I do not know]

Dee likes to order two eggs over easy
and to dip her toast in the egg yolks.

The other day we were in there
and saw the partitions the Kruegers
are erecting between the booths
on the Broadway wall.

We sat there admiring the recycled
windows that form part of the

We'll be back to see the finished product

The downtown district
just keeps getting better.
We're glad to be living here!
Ask us.

For more info on the Morton's Salt waitress
at Dady-Oh's

scroll down to it
when you pull up the link


KD's privacy invaded

She comes out, having been disturbed.

We have a traveling box KD gets put in
when she goes to the humane shelter
for her monthly claw-clip.

She runs like crazy on those Saturdays
when she sees the box coming out of the storeroom.
Very hard for us to corner her.
She prefers staying here at the Odd Fellows.

But now we've cleverly left the box
in the upstairs hall where she likes to nap.
She frequently now hangs out in the box.
It has become her friendly and private cove.

It will be right there for her to ride in,
an accustomed place
when she gets her nails done next time.


Election signs
 We now have our signs for Shawn Reilly
candidate for Mayor of Waukesha
and Brian Running for City Attorney
looking down at the Five Points major intersection.

We are proud to lend these windows to the
candidates at this critical time in Waukesha's life.

For us with the super-tall windows
and our 18 feet ceilings in the front room
the political signage blends right in
and is easy to live with for the few weeks
before the general election.

Our new windows were installed
earlier this week and are dazzling!

The Putney Building is the jewel in
the crown of the Five Points.