Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dee and dad; Trussed up; Time enough; Natal day; The other night

Closer to her beginning
Dee looked like this

with her dad, Poppy
coming from the barn

A barn that lives on

reconstructed later with
used billboards facing in

for Poppy was a sign-man
for the (country) county....

Ergo: a barn built of highway advertising signs painted barn red
and with proper trussage



William is learning trusses
in middle school
and brought a model to show me
in the Peanut Gallery at church
last Sunday

The only camera I had then
was the lower crustacean cell cam
so I shot it with that
in the beginning when the bell choir
was ringing

'Gramaw and Poppy' got photo-shopped
in the barn by granddaughter Emily

William proudly shows his triangulation exercise
and one day may build his own barn
or something else 
it's all the same thing basically
and his dad was an architect


Time Enough

The tally of years
added up so rapidly
it appeared I had
been short-changed,
tricked by sleight
of hand, fallen victim
to false bookkeeping.

Yet when I checked
my records, each
and every year had
been accounted for,
down to the last day,
and could be audited
against old diary entries
(client briefings,
                                                       parent-teacher meetings,
wedding anniversaries),
verified with credit
card statements
(multi-trip insurance,
antibiotics, concert bookings,
mobile top-ups).

And, although
nagging doubts
inkling that I had
been ripped off
in some way,
given short shrift,
made to live at an
accelerated pace,
rushed through
my routines with
unseemly haste—
nothing could be proved,
no hard and fast
statistics adduced.

I had, it seems,
unknown to me,
been living my
life to the full.

"Time Enough" by Dennis O'Driscoll, from Dear Life. © Copper Canyon Press.


Yesterday, Feb. 28th, was my birthday
having been born in Cedar falls Iowa
on 2-28-1936
so Dee characteristically baked me a cake.

My favorite kind of cake -
pineapple upside down.

I received imaginative and fracturing presents
from several quarters
(some cracked me up)

Not this one:

This gift was from my brother in North Carolina
the donor of the other Nikon much-touted
on these raccoon pages
(just one example is

He noticed in recent raccoons that the now 5 year old P6000
was not producing best results, and instead of advising me
on a repair as I'd asked, he sent me an Amazon order he'd placed
to be sent here to the Odd Fellows hall
of a new what's-happening-now Nikon P-520.

It got here in time for my birthday.
This is the kind of fellow Les Dix II is.
There is no arguing against him.  He is a conservative.
I know he also often pays at McDonalds for the car behind him
- whoever it may be - when going through the drive-through.

He is not a rich man economically.

(Here is Les Dix I, our father)

re this photo:


So there will be better pictures ahead for the SRN.
One example is the shot of Mia's restaurant
in the pizza post below.

Here's one of a pillow on the couch here at home
I took yesterday in a test with the P-520
shot from across the living room.

This new camera has 18.5 pixels and a big zoom.
(A shot of Picasso's eye on the pillow.)


(shot with the old camera)

The other night
we felt like a pizza
but not just any pizza

Downtown a block from us
is the old Mama Mia's Italian restaurant

and while I usually make a quick
foot trip down South Street to Clinton
and into Mia's to get carry-out
spaghetti and meat balls and garlic bread

- I can't abide
the owner's penchant for Dean Martin
vocal music - "when the moon hits your eye
like a big pizza pie, that's a-m-o-r-e" -
Otherwise we'd go in and dine
for the decor is inviting;

this recent evening we decided
to splurge and get possibly the best
pizza pie in Waukesha
which I would rush home out of the music
in one of their flat carrying boxes

A 'small' with the supreme works
pepperoni and sausage
- hold the anchovies -
with black olives, onions, fresh tomato slices
which are as good as summer tomatoes
and the town's most scrumptious cheese admixture
over the top....
that small pizza 
is going to cost you 25 bucks
I kid you not

but when you want the best
and can luckily afford it, at least momentarily
this is where you go
(for my money)


Dee could laughingly not believe what I did -
I carried the pizza box home sideways
under my arm, hurrying.

I thought the snug flat box
was a secure fit for this loaded pizza
but when I got it home
- Dee was just coming out of the shower -
I issued a hollered expletive (&^%@!!!)
when I opened the box;

the masterpiece to-be-photoed pizza
had slid to the side because of 
the way I'd carried it under my arm
sideways, hustling home

And my planned preliminary photo
of Waukesha's best pizza
was tectonically shifted.

But, with a fork
we managed to semi-straighten it
for the picture you see above.

Not to worry though
for it tasted great

smushed or not

(shot with the new camera)