Saturday, March 22, 2014

Give breath to it or not?; Harry Nilsson; Seed; Mice, 3 blind; Murmuration

Cause and Effect

Operating out of an 1882 vintage downtown building
since 2010, but founded elsewhere in 2007
The Waukesha Sewer Raccoon News
draws its power and wisdom from animal familiarity
and the centrifugal force derived from an
old Singer flywheel.

Our desk, you see, is Grandma's sewing machine.

You could say the raccoon is foot-driven
as in - has its foot in its mouth -
once in a while.

When that flywheel builds up its force
sometimes there's no stopping it.
That's one reason this old machine
has been able to sew through layers of leather!

In tandem with the flywheel's driving force
- the mechanical advantage therefrom -
we employ animal familiarity
as a stop-gap measure that works.

If we are thinking of something to be said
or not said
while the treadle spins the wheel
we've but to look down at our cat
sitting or laying at our working feet

and divine from her expression
the sagacity of the phrases contemplated
whether they be on a poem or a current event
we ponder expressing.

Quite often KD Cat will signal



Harry Nilsson

In writing something per the above this morning
the subject was budget bottom lines
which concern finance management, an area
where I have lots of room for improvement.

In this instance it had to do with the cuts at Carroll
College (University) and I came up with a term
'bottomless line'.

That set me searching for Nilsson's song from his
THE POINT album which got lots of spins for our kids
in the 1970s. And later in the 90s.

It is still played today regularly here in the Odd Fellows hall.

Will you please throw down a lifeline?

My children David Jr., Laurie, Erin and Leland
will all recognize this song
which meant so much (means so much) to me.

Harry Nilsson was such a great song writer and vocalist
- unbelievable melody thoughts and voice breath and top range -
that he captivated the era of the 1970s for me.
His The Point rung the bells.

Of course the movie Midnight Cowboy
was a winner and had some great Nilsson tunes
that proved indelible too:


For raccoon readers additional and 2nd below - thorough info on Nilsson:

more significantly, this:

He was, as a reading of the above Wiki link tells,
a Beatles friend.  Someone once asked Paul McCartney
who his favorite singer was, and he answered,
Harry Nilsson.  He was close with John Lennon
and was deeply affected by his untimely death.

On the stove backboard here at the Odd Fellows hall is found this Mexican shadow box.

Nilsson and Lennon in Central Park NYC


current incarnation

This close-up with the new LVD Nikon P520 cam
shows the Amaryllis pod in its dried state
cracked open with seeds at the RED ARROW

Pod after flowers died;
 life cycle continues!

Thanks again to Jo Ellen McAvoy
Moderator, 1st Cong.
for this Xmas gift to Dee


My birthday mice
provided again from the clever kitchen 
of Kirsten Dobson.
Got a whole flock of them,
these are the three that WERE left,
Thanks to Kristen and Bob!

For the recipe of these chocolate mice

Only with Kirsten's mice you pull out their maraschino tails.


Sent to the Raccoon by John Helt
Colgate WI