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NOTE:  The below article was in the end paper of the NYT Book Review section 11-9-14
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World's tallest Indian; been there saw it
Ironwood MI

The Song of Hiawatha (excerpt)

In the green and silent valley,
By the pleasant water-courses,
Dwelt the singer Nawadaha.
In the green and silent valley.
  "There he sang of Hiawatha,
Sang the Song of Hiawatha,
Sang his wondrous birth and being,
How he prayed and how be fasted,
How he lived, and toiled, and suffered,
That the tribes of men might prosper,
That he might advance his people!"
  Ye who love the haunts of Nature,
Love the sunshine of the meadow,
Love the shadow of the forest,
Love the wind among the branches,
And the rain-shower and the snow-storm,
And the rushing of great rivers
Through their palisades of pine-trees,
And the thunder in the mountains,
Whose innumerable echoes
Flap like eagles in their eyries;—
Listen to these wild traditions,
To this Song of Hiawatha!

"The Song of Hiawatha (excerpt)" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Public Domain.

Hiawatha skydome car


a book for Erin's 7th birthday



Coming next week

a review of AZ cousin Steve Dix's new book


about his 10 years in theYukon
which was spurrerd by his and his wife's protest 
aganst the war in Vietnam,,,

Highly recommended by SRN

via Balboa Press, Amazon, etc.

Check this link on it, with a good preview:

The below link suggests Steve's dogsledding days and ETC!