Saturday, November 8, 2014

Poor Judd is dead; ...He says 'tom-ah-tos; After spending; Swedish crepes; Healing Forest

A candle lights his haid:

"I'm not dead yet..."
from Monty Python Flying Circus


Fred and Ginger
"Tomato, to-mah-to"
Tap on roller skates

Call the whole thing off?




After Spending the Morning Baking Bread

Our cat lies across the stove's front burners,
right leg hanging over the oven door. He
is looking into the pantry where his bowl
sits full on the counter. His smaller dish,
the one for his splash of cream, sits empty.
Say yes to wanting to be this cat. Say
yes to wanting to lie across the leftover
warmth, letting it rise into your soft belly,
spreading into every twitch of whisker, twist
of fur and cell, through the Mobius strip
of your bloodstream. You won't know
you will die. You won't know the mice
do not exist for you. If a lap is empty and
warm, you will land on it, feel an unsteady
hand along your back, fingers scratching
behind your ear. You will purr.

"After Spending the Morning Baking Bread" by Jack Ridl from Practicing to Walk Like a Heron. © Wayne State University Press, 2013


Swedish crepes with lingonberries
East Five Points, former Jennifers; Dutchland Dairy etc.

On Nov 4, 2014, we partook -
after voting we stopped again
at this becoming-renowned restaurant


they have this long-cherished dish
- shades of Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant of Door Co. -
 every bit as good as Al's Swedish crepes
 on the daily Broadway menu at

Three big crepes garnished with caramel
and cinnamon, Order; might take one crepe home
'Michael'-waves nicely.


SRN taking  ART
classes at the Healing Forest Studio

Right across the Five Points from here.

It is located within crawling distance out our windows in the Putney/Odd Fellows hall.

Have had one class so far. So far so good.
In all my 78 yeas I've had no actual art inssruction in drawing.
The below work from my SRN sketchbook shows why I've
always known I have no ability to speak of
yet that has never stopped me.

This serves as a BEFORE example.
As I progress in these studio classes
I will post an example perhaps of my improved progress.

The studio itself is in a back room behind their art store space on the street.
The owners, a young couple, are well-degreed and talented instructors, very friendly.
8 people in the class.

At 2nd class, stymied?





down from St. Paul on one of his road trips
spends overnight at the Odd Fellows

eats breakfast with us prior to his departure at Dave's