Saturday, January 3, 2015

You got a friend in me; Wonderland - Gerygone and Twig; Atty. John Grau does pro-bona for the Waukesha Burmese refugees; Some pix at New Year


Grace and Alex with cat at the door

Our grand-
Grace Kari

First singer on this CD...
that's HER voice...

Plans to marry up with this fine chap
Alex Lindgren

Their quartet band, expatriated from Alaska to Missoula Montana
 has been fitting itself up for professionalism
and I think they've now got it
when I listen to Winter Wonderland.


the much anticipated Grau year-end letter:

Who are the Graus, some may ask?

John Grau, a Waukesha attorney, was the pro-bona legalist
for the 1st Congregational UCC Burmese refugee project.  That's been a while now,
 but we are on their Christmas letter list apparently indefinitely.

We're glad of that!


Re the Burmese;


Hla In The Trees, Making Sunlight

Our church’s Burmese young father, refugee from a Thai border camp
Soldier of a freedom army used to climbing jungle trees as a lookout
- ‘Monkey Boy’ he calls himself self-deprecatingly -
Balanced and raised a 30 foot extension ladder by himself with muscular arms
To a high branch of the Honey Locust tree in the secret garden
Then ascended to that branch and even higher into the tree
With a sharp Swedish pruning saw over one arm

He walked the branches with supporting hands grasping higher branches
Studied the sun above him and applied the saw to appropriate shading boughs
Sawed them almost clean through and then when they tipped downward
He finished the cut and guided them to a pinpoint drop zone away from the flowers
Some of the outer branches brushed the flowers but they will survive
And already, two days afterward, they are raising themselves to the sun

Some of the neighbors and my wife express alarm when Hla does these wing-walks
But he just smiles and bobs his eyebrows;  my function from the ground is to give the thumbs up or thumbs down when Hla approaches a target limb
And now the tree is thinned and sunlight beams through onto the garden below
So that next year we can plant not just shade-loving varieties of perennials
But all manner of things there;

(The Lawnist’s oft-called  tree-trimming firm would have had at least two men and a cherry-picker
To do what Hla happily did at a fraction of the cost.)

{David Dix 9-15-2002]

Me Monkey Boy

Soon to retire new car set-up man
my good neighbor Darrell
was heading back to work on his motorcycle
when I waved him into my driveway

And lawnist's wife Carol next door came out
when I called to her through her dining room screen:
"Look up there," I said to Carol and Darrell
This was yesterday around one o'clock

Carol looked up and rushed her hand to her mouth
"Oh, my ---!" she exclaimed
Darrell on his idling cycle said
"I sure hope you've got good insurance, Dave!"

He also said, "Man, I could never do that!
My balance isn't that good!"
That from an old-time motorcyclist
sitting on his throbbing machine

Dee came out the back door
and looked up on our roof too
and her hands flew involuntarily
to her graying hair, and she hollered

He was lying legs-splayed, head-low on the edge
of our two and a half story roof reaching down and under
scraping and painting the overhang bottom

With no net;
To get up there he used our fully-extended
extra-long ladder carrying a bucket of paint
and a stiff putty knife in his pocket

He laughed skyward like Buddha
at the shocked, sedentary Americans gathered below,
Then stood up on the edge of the roof on one foot
raised his arms and said, " Don't worry!

Davidix (always as one word),
DeeDix (always as one word),
Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, I Monkey Boy"

[Daid Zep Dix 8-9-2002]

Hla rode working elephants like this formerly, in Burma

from the Raccoon: 

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Speaking of stones

Fecund, full of life
Lithop pretends to be stone
Doesn't make it


Late 2014-15 pictures

A good one!
A seemingly congenial shot of Reilly and Scrima.

It illustrates an old YIBAWEan premise:

The value of hair
will continue to fall:
Yes I'm Bald, And What Else?

were out, come election day.

(Fez interior label is satin)

There is DRAMA
and there is D-r-a-m-a

SRN editor wears his DOKK fez
on New Years Day,
parades, and
special occasions

as 1-1-15

Happy New Year!