Saturday, February 28, 2015

Congolese - Join the Movement PFC; Hawks; Stand by me in Brazil


Having written about our surprise sighting of a goshawk across the street
at the Five Points
we were glad to see the front piece in the NYT Book Review section last Sunday
about a book I want to read (H IS FOR HAWK by Helen Macdonald):



This part of the Sat Rac is thus specially headed
to my son David Jr. who was a Goshawk (aka: Coopers)_
handler briefly, alother story in itself * -
a take-off from his leathered wrist under tutelage
of a raptor specialist;

and to good friend Hawk Mahoney
follower of Native American ways
who took on the name HAWK
in honor of them...


WIS's 97th

Wis Guthrie had a birthday last week
so I joined him for lunch at the Avalon Cafe
where after dining I withdrew from my carry-all bag
two cordial glasses and some Balkan Slimowicz to clear our transnitting

The toast left a hint of a smile on Wis's face as this is not just
any ordinary libation.
We knew his entrails were tracking the warming passage down
as were mine.

We probably didn't have to secret the goods into the Avalon
under cover of a Pellegrino bottle,
but we did not to cause any stir among other residents having their lunch
in the cafe. What are they drinking, some folks might have wondered?

When we left our table I put the small drink-makings back in my bag 
which is furthered disguised as a fishing creel. A clear get away with no one
looking our way.

But before, creel bag sling over my shoulder,
we went up to Wis's apartment there in the Avalon
luxurious retirement site for some more visiting.

He asked me to retrieve a couple of Cutie tangerines
from his ice box.

Cuties are a favorite food of Wis's along with weekly
cheese curds from the Waukesha Farmers Market.
(and popsicles bought there too, sometimes).

As we sat talking among some of his obects d'art spanning his history
the subject of the Farmers Market travail came up. He hadn't heard
this news.

I filled him in how the lovely Waukesha Saturday AM
experience along the Fox River is in supposed jeapardy, partly over
the enforcement of a porta-potty ordinance.

A loggershead seems threatening
as Officer Bruce and the Waukesha Business District Assoc. don't see 
why porta-potties should be needed
when some of their WBDA merchant members including Norm's book store
bathrooms are available.

The city attorney wants signed letters on file stipulating these store bathrooms
are indeed available to market shoppers.  The State Bank bathroom was said 
by WBDA Officer Bruce is available, too.

EMPHATICALLY NOT SO, said the bank!


Wis pondered all this briefly and came up with an idea:


Wis contemplates this year's Christmas pageant at the 1st Cong. Church
where we haven't been seen lately due to the weather.
Next to him is Sid Estenik, another longtime Congo regular.

Wis earlier as a thespian.


A decoupage picture adorns Wis's front door
to his apartment at the Avalon.

He attached an old photo of his wife Ina and himself
to a drawing of the Carroll campus,
at the dorm he first managed for returning WW II veteran Carroll students
known as 'Maniac Manor', still standing, at Hartwell and College Ave.

  Wis has acquired not a small amount of family history.

For one thing, see:

Later, before Ina passed, Wis and Ina together retired,
he from the chair  of the Carroll art department and they took up
residency at the Avalon Square.

A visitor to his solo unit 
comes and goes through this inviting portal:


end with


* Coming next week