Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hawk; Mom (unreal); Maryland crabs

Breakfast time
at the Odd Fellows 1-28-15

1.  Hawk in the tree in front of the Clarke;
2.  Dave's breakfast sandwich board;
3.  KD Cat considers her breakfast on the other side of the glass

We feed the birds from the window sill

Sometimes when we are hungry
here at the poor man's penthouse
we will capture fat pigeons for dinner

So we can't blame the hunting Goshawk
perched in perfect camouflage
in the nicely- lichened tree 
hiding place across the street
for having eyes for the squab too.

A lucky hand-held photo
thanks to Dee who spotted the hawk
with own very sharp eyes.

Mairzy doats and dozy doats
and hawks eat nice fat pidge-

For months we've occasionally heard thumps
at the bird feeler sill
and they would mightily scare KD off, where she would
cower under the sofa or chair
regaining her wits and courage.

We've never actually seen a hawk strike
but have seen feathers in the air after being startled
and looking toward the window.

Now we know:
This hawk knows where we live.
Lucky for him we're onto
 eating squab.

Attn:  SRN readers
who were around in 1944 



A tree comes down in Waukesha


Into the ornament box
for another year goes one of our favorites

a hard-shell crab creation given to us in 1995
by Dee's family where the Chesapeake Bay crabs grow -

Crabs are well known to the Maryland folk

who buy them by the bushel and sit out on Gramaw and the now late Poppy's porch
comsuming vast quantities at the groaning board, shucking and eating them over spread newspapers
that get rolled up and thrown out after fills are had ~
on special occasions; reunions.

The Santa ornament came from a craft fair out there.
Fragile; handled lovingly; we observe that maxim.

But during crab festivals on Gramaw's (and Poppy's) porch
they get man-handled.

Maryland's and Means Rest's gift to Wisconsin
Denise Means
 here since Sept.1982