Saturday, February 7, 2015

I just called; To teach; To Margo; Adage; 1 = 1000

'LOVE' wood carving
bought at the old Marketplace S/American import shop
on East North Ave near St. Mary's hosp.
For Dee on an earlier Valentines Day

I have it by my chair
ad turn it over
and over almost
daily for years
and it's not worn smooth


Attn:  Music lovers, including Lee
~ to teach ~


From Tin Toy


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To Margo
by Gavin Ewart

In life’s rough-and-tumble
you’re the crumble on my apple crumble
and the fairy on my Christmas tree!
In life’s death-and-duty
you’ve the beauty of the Beast’s own Beauty-
I feel humble as a bumble-bee!
In life’s darkening duel
I’m the lighter, you’re the lighter fuel-
And the tide that sways my inland sea!
In life’s meet-and-muster
you’ve the lustre of a diamond cluster-
a blockbuster - just a duster, me!

"To Margo" by Gavin Ewart from The Complete Little Ones. © Hutchinson, 1988.


by Billy Collins

When it’s late at night and branches
are banging against the windows,
you might think that love is just a matter
of leaping out of the frying pan of yourself
into the fire of someone else,
but it’s a little more complicated than that.
It’s more like trading the two birds
who might be hiding in that bush
for the one you are not holding in your hand.
A wise man once said that love
was like forcing a horse to drink
but then everyone stopped thinking of him as wise.
Let us be clear about something.
Love is not as simple as getting up
on the wrong side of the bed wearing the emperor’s clothes.
No, it’s more like the way the pen
feels after it has defeated the sword.
It’s a little like the penny saved or the nine dropped stitches.
You look at me through the halo of the last candle
and tell me love is an ill wind
that has no turning, a road that blows no good,
but I am here to remind you,
as our shadows tremble on the walls,
that love is the early bird who is better late than never.

"Adage" by Billy Collins from Aimless Love. © Random House, 2013


1 = 1000

Dee wraps Ben's 30th birthday box