Saturday, August 8, 2015

Extraneous hair - a Yibawean reference; Flying ribbons; Wantcha ta meet the family; Friendships cont'd; Tea bags; Farmers market again

Sometimes it becomes necessary 
to repurpose (in the parlance of the day)
an item, as illustrated here.

Dad left us his great straw hat
that he wore in his later years everywhere.
        An expensive item.

When we wear the hat  it tends to create
 a stir.

But it needed a feather or something, we've thought.
There is a loop for one.

In possession of several clusters of long beards
especially in my own later news
the strands of which are held together with rubber bends
esp. just before the shears are taken to them

these bundles of beard have been used
and will primarily continue to be used
as scattered filaments on the grass
for birds to use building their nets.

Re Dad's straw hat, we've lately taken 
a scruff of beard with which to make 
 a sort of feather.

Being gray,
 the gristly hair doesn't demand attention
yet it affords just the added dash we sought
and of which we think Dad would have approved.



Wancha ta meet the family...

Per stipulated wording of senders:

"Anonymous friends of the SRN
 still smiling and madly (sic)
 in love after all these years"

an earlier time, Hubertus

and still earlier, Scuppernong Springs
 This was at the time of Johns first ministry
at Friedens UCC

The following came today on Raccoon-mail in response to 
the bonafide' bone find' at our old church:

The Guest House of Milwaukee was the fellowship hall for Friedens church at 13th and Juneau. ("Guest House expansion unearths 1800s cemetery"  MJS August 6.) The Evangelical Synod congregation of German immigrants, Friedens (the word for "peace" in German), was founded in 1869 and built its first sanctuary on the corner, discovering then that the 1840s cemetery relocation had not been quite complete. Later excavations for the fellowship hall/Guest House (1899) and the new sanctuary (1905) found more human remains, including what locals believed was a Native American burial ground predating the Gruenhagen cemetery of the early German settlers. Congregational legend remembered neighborhood boys uncovering a skull and many flint arrow and spear points at the time. Seventy-five years later, I was Friedens pastor, the movie "Poltergeist" was showing in local theaters, and I began to feel less secure about the church basement, especially after dark. Seriously, Friedens was more blessing than curse, and its legacy of community action lives on at the Guest House and Friedens food pantry.
(Rev.) John Helt
924 Oconobanks Drive
Colgate WI 53017
262 623 6106


Friendships cont'd

At Andrea's Milwaukee wedding
last weekend;

Mitch from Waukesha
and Lee from NYC -
attend, all old school friends
A reunion 
at a union



Clouds Rise like Fish
by Tom Hennen

Listen Online

During July on the prairie
The pine tree stands alone on the main street
Of a disintegrating country town.
Its needles pump all day,
Still it cannot turn all the passing carbon monoxide
Into anything useful.
On its trunk ants are stuck in the resin.
From its top we can see the dark clouds
In the blue sky.
The island in the lake drifts even farther from shore.
Heat increases.
The afternoon begins its insect hum.
We can tell a storm is coming
By looking into each other’s eyes.

"Clouds Rise like Fish" by Tom Hennen from Darkness Sticks to Everything. © Copper Canyon Press, 201


Visiing Zoe from New York City,
Leland's girlfriend
gave us an assortment of top-notch  teas
and some exotic (to us) biscuits.
 For photos see last Sat. Rac.


Farmers Market revisited last Saturday

New owner of Steaming Cup at Mackay's old stand.