Saturday, August 29, 2015

Louisiana; Golden moments; A new leaf; Gary's Automotive

ON LOUISIANA  Walter Mosley Op ed  NYT

A good read

Those pictures with the above referenced article put us in mind of a rooming house we photographed
on Wheeling Island off Wheeling WVA. in the Ohio River.

We were charmed by the idea of putting merry-go-round horses in the front porch.  We thought: "SOMEDAY

Yes, Wheeling Island is not without it's heavement of bricks
and other such ongoing maintenance needs
but which of us is perfect?


Golden moment; old pic:

Leland gets his hair cut by Mr. Guy the barber, now deceased, at
Pleasant Valley MD; sister Erin poses dutifully.


A day of hoped-for creativity begins at the Odd Fellows


Turning over a new leaf at the Raccoon soon

There will be a new look here after Ben our guru spaces his time to get down
from Appleton to revamp the SRN.  To renew and refresh!

To rid us of involuntary font changes, background white, etc, as annoyingly occurs  presently


Happy Days will be here again


Gary's Automotive
Gary Higbee, Prop.

Some know that we limp along, yet with great
mechanical longevity courage and heart
in our 1996 Lincoln Town Car

which has transported the family together
on many long journeys.

Like us it may be a little frayed at the edges, but...

How has this been possible
to rack up so many miles - nearing 200K
in utter belief in  our old car? -

you may ask.

With good doctors and

having good and friendly mechanics who
love Fords, which is all a Lincoln is -
A Ford Wth Lock Washers

said the late Bob Smith.
(Bob is gone; the old car isn't.)

It used to be mechanic Jack Grabyziak 
who kept it running
as written up on these pages:

But Jack grew old and retired early
so we had to find someone else to keep
our old car in shape.

Inquiries led us to Gary Higbee
on The Strand where he holds forth
in a well-equipped but simple garage
formerly known as Zellmers Auto.

Gary worked at the garage for years and
eventually bought the business.
He still keeps the place as Zellmer's.

We've been driving the Lincoln without windshield wiperage.
We used the temporary push-button control on the dash
for a few seconds of wiping between button pushings.

But 'Cadfael' Larry found us a part 
if we would go out and get it (at Racine and the bypass)
and made us a deal we couldn't refuse
to make a repair.

The job is now done, quickly and efficiently by Gary who had us come in
early before his steady flow of daily customers began.

So this is how we keep ourselves in wheels.
We bought that car back in the days when we were making some money
although even then it was a stretch.

It has repayed our investment in strength, heart and fidelity
and thanks to guys like Gary Higbee 
it is still runnng!

Yes, we say Money Cannot Buy here at the SRN
And it can't.
We give advertising for free 
when we feel like it.

Gary Higbee
Mechanic, master diagnostician
 right, friendly and reasonable


Coming up next week
a discussion on Waukesha water.