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Continuing with the jar of rocks - from the Studebaker garage; Wayne Newton Danke; Class of 1954 lives; Foxes; A Heltian bulls-eye, More Guthrie

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Studebaker 1950

Just think of how many rocks, pebbles and sand 



Thank you, Waukesha, then, here and now


In Waukesha

We don’t think about it very much anymore
but the ghosts of native Americans might;
we walk, or alas, drive their ancient trading trails
paved many times over;
even our later inter-urban streetcar tracks
are now out of sight,

buried like their lightly-beaten paths
by time and poured concrete
and newcomers can’t get the gist of traveling downtown,
can’t figure these streets out because so many diagonals
cut through strangely, they say.

But it was all so simple then
for the woodland people
to follow their converging spoke-like paths
to the now downtown five points trading posts
No doubt

going through thick woods
from their outlying settlements,
intending to live forever in their homeland
upon which they trod so gently

Pioneers built great improvements
on their sacred burial grounds
and cannons stand in the library park
passing time’s additions, tentatively,

muddying the purer water of days
dim to us, unknown;

But not to the ghosts
who watched flowing streams
clear away many other silty stirrings
only for a moment hiding customary clarity

We are being watched by these patient spirits
these spector ‘savages’ who knew so much.
Their way to our downtown
is abiding.

[d. Zep]


Three members of WHS 1954 class 

Together, we total 240 years. 

MIDDLE MAN (eliminate the ?)

Last week three of us gathered
for lunch at Peoples Park

Left:  Bil Nelson, class pres.
Middle:  SRN editor
Right:  Jack Hill

We all look well-preserved, I'd say
but the 1000 words picture
makes it unnecessary to observe
which one man stands out.

Bill and Jack approach
a mini-reunion

Your editor  used to have it in
for scrawny necks.
One person with a bad case, actually, never mentioned by name.

An ode was devoted to him/her.

T-H-E-N...over the years
the editor developed his own scrawny neck.

That seemed only right!


We used to say: 

I Hate Your Scrawny Neck

Your neck skin is fitted so tight to all the cords
and bones inside that when you swallow
animation is given to all those interior parts
I have absolutely no interest in seeing;

your head perches atop your golf tee neck
and swivels so anxiously left and right
twisting all those cords and should-be invisibles
you look like a perpetual motion
twist-left, twist-right lab display!

You look like an ostrich:
your lips
protrude flatly out  in front of you
like a bill, and when you talk,
I hear a clacking sound, any words are lost!

I wouldn't have noticed all this ugliness
had it not been for your constant stoking
of your mouth, hiddenly, I'll give you that,
with fresh pieces of chewing gum.
The movement, the cnutch- cnutching

draws attention to your big head
and your scrawny neck.
I also don't like the speed with which
you chew, like a jackal trying to consume
something before it's snatched away

Because of this, you are very very ugly
but if you could get along without the gum
I wouldn't notice you,
you'd be just another unfortunate pop-eyed
Guppie face in a crowd

Get some fat on your neck,
will you please?
If you're going to chew that gum
day in and day out, I'd consider
It a favor if you'd make it so

I wouldn't have to watch your
peristalsis swallowing wave
moving gum juice down your
shrunk-wrapped throat!

This is my thing about you.

[Zep 1-4-00]


Left, at blackboard - birds and bees teacher; next, unknown at this time; next, Sally Harter*; next, Shirley Gutheil; far right, Sharon Goodrich 

*  Recently departed


Waukesha foxes
Standing guard in SRN office 4-25-16

Shore birds seen when out for a walk along the Fox

Two local animals lit up; not going anywhere

Rigor Tortoise setting in?
While the Fox flows gently by?


A requiem sent in by John Helt
hits bulleye, splits the arrow.


And more Wis Guthrie pix

Wis at 95th birthday 2013 at Carroll Shattuck hall
in back row, listens to son Gerry deliver an animation art lecture

For many years
Wis sent an annual Xmas greeting letter featuring a Grant Wood 
American Gothic theme.  It was highy anticipated yearly.

Carroll art professor Tohn Tyson with Wis

Decoupage birthday card for me.
Wis practiced his art with imaginative scissors and paper work
in later years

Next week:
More Guthrie pictures