Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bald was beautiful in 1987, and still is, and evermore shall be. World without end.

The sewer raccoon editor

in possession of all his faculties - and old, unsold Air Combs (reg.) - is currently in negotiation with his Vermont cousins, manufacturers, to bring back the product, shown in use above. The Air Combs (reg.) originally were constructed of old combs found abandoned, sometimes in gutters which were close to sewer gratings, which shows how all things are connected.

The Yibawean air comb-makers merely collected these old combs, often with missing teeth, and knocked them ALL out, then sanitized the comb frames in boiling water. A silk carrying case came with the product.

Now with Steve and Marnie's input, the Air Comb will perhaps be made of eco-friendly forest products. Stand by for further information.
[Please sit down while you're waiting]

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