Monday, October 5, 2009

Gramaw protects all, even the basement toad

He is called 'Toad'.
Taking up residence in Gramaw and Poppy's
Pleasant Valley MD basement,
which is a bit porous around the
stairs door up to the yard, the creature seems
to enjoy living with the Means.
He's been in residence for a long time.
Gramaw has taken to talking to him,
addressing him in their converstions
by the unflourished title, 'Toad'.
As Gramaw is an accomplished seamstress
- has made mamy garments and accouterments -
and as she feared that Toad would get accidentally
squashed by others less worried about where
they stepped in the semi-darkness,
she fashioned a pair of red trousers for Toad,
as an alarm.
Has worked so far.
No icky squishings,
and has made Toad a real stand-out.