Thursday, August 19, 2010

Is it

an advanced-stage cataracted raccoon eyeball
or, from the rich man's* Pic N Save on Tenny Ave and Sunset Dr.
a Rambutan?
It is a Rambutan. Dee bought it from the produce counterman who explained what it was, how to open it. Six something a pound. She bought one. This is it, above. We ate it. You eat the whole inner part (eyeball), including the kernel.
It was sort of good. Like a gumdrop with a peanut in the center. Will we buy any more?
Probably not.......
* Rich man's Pic N Save has this sort of fare. Should check if the poor man's Pic N Save carries Rambutans. That store is at Manhattan and Moreland, a decidedly poorer neighborhood and shopping radius.