Monday, August 23, 2010

Showing up (90% of everything) she took an offer she could not refuse:

Dee got a call
recently from the pastor's office at St Paul's UCC in Hubertus WI asking if she could fill-in for the vacationing friend, Rev. John Helt.
Dee said yes.With her expressive hands and a customarily well thought-out sermon
she was there at the appointed hour on Sunday morning, Aug. 22nd.

Dee filled the temporary vacancy for the man who called her to Milwaukee from Pleasant Valley Maryland, in 1981. She was then to be a Parish Worker through the help of the Board of Homeland Ministries of the United Church of Christ.
The Raccoon editor was serving at that time on the council of Friedens Church at 13th and Juneau. After getting one look at her photograph (and dossier) he lobbied strongly for her. Motion carried unanimously!
She came via train with two olive-drab army surplus rucksacks,
and the rest is history.......

St. Paul's church is beautiful in it's simplicity.

Dee gave a children's sermon early in the service. That is her forte, for her long-time post at her home church, First Congregational UCC in Waukesha, has been Christian Education and Faith Formation director.

We left after a post-service gracious coffee hour. The church like a lovely apparition disappeared in the rear view mirror.

Friedens Church Council president when Dee was called, Quinten Brien and his wife Laura, came from Delafield to hear Dee at old friend John Helt's new church, St. Paul's. Friedens was John's very first pastoral assignment out of seminary. That makes Quin a principal player in both Helt and Dee's presence in WI.
Anyone wishing to have the text of Dee's sermon, Email c/o