Tuesday, June 12, 2012

benighted in Waukesha, and yet.......

Our world in splendor lies

Last night as I sat peering out the Odd Fellows windows
I saw the clouds on the dusk horizon turn dark
and I rose to see if we were going to get the 
chance of rain.
The top photo was taken a few minutes before the one above.
I raised the blinds to expose the view to the maximum.

The running lights on the roof of the Clarke Hotel are at the bottom.
This sky did not care anything, I believe, of the outcome of the recall election.

The thyme seedlings on the loft ledge
under the skylight
are coming up today
regardless of the election outcome.

We will wait to see what occupies the
store which in its last incarnation
was the Recall Walker office.
Dismantled yesterday, divested of its Barrett signs,
it becomes just another view out our windows.

We attended a beautiful wedding on Lake Michigan Sunday afternoon.

A non-denominational rite, Dee was asked to give the blessing for her old friends, bride and parents of the bride.

Dee wanted to wear something special for the occasion.  She knew the dress she wanted to wear, but a shawl would help complete the ensemble.

She realized a tapestry table cloth from church was fancy enough
and would blend with the dress nicely.

One must know Dee to realize just how wise this choice was.

Spirits were uplifted all around.

Kimberly Redding, mother of Thomas, Morgan, and William
sends greetings from Germany
where she leads a group of Carroll students.

Spirits are lifted. Life goes on.