Monday, June 4, 2012

Civility; Radishes; Guthrie guitar; Church Picnic

Radishes purchased Saturday at the Farmers Market

(Still life, 6/3/12:  AT THE ODD FELLOWS, radish roots glued to Plowshares elephant  paper)


AT 76

he toasts his 94 year old friend Wis Guthrie
on the evening of  6/1/12
while Wis begins his stint
sitting once again at an art show site,
this time beneath his 3rd floor window
at the Five Points of downtown Waukesha,

exhibiting his and his sons' 
and grandsons'
(and little great-grandson's)
major accomplishment,

'Team' Guthrie's 10 foot guitar honoring Les Paul
at the Guitartown celebration
about which much has been said
in the local press.

  This Raccoon picture shows the four generations of Guthries
beneath our window on the street at the festival:  
Left to right, Ryan, Ethan, Jim and Wis
Little Ethan played his role by putting some stickers on the shipping
container where he thought they should go.......

A banner is flown over a main stage
out our windows, heralding the guitar event.

Many spectators clustered around the guitar interpreters.

 Jim's strong arm and creative hand at the right.
He says he's not an artist 'just a mechanic'
but Wis assures him he IS an artist,
and he couldn't have done this project without him.

Picture taken earlier by the Guthrie family, Prairie Home Cemetery, Waukesha
at the Les Paul burial site.
Red Hot Red's headstone was used as the schematic for the Guthries.
(Ryan, Wis and Jim)

Sunset on the Guitartown festival night
 out our O.F. window.

Church picnic on Sunday
at the Glasenapps:

1st Congregational UCC member Bill Glasenapp
had the lane up to their lovely homesite
nicely mowed for the many parked vehicles.

Hostess Cleo Glasenapp lights wind-protected candles
on the stacked hale-bales altar as worship begins.

Rev. Brittany Barber asks God's blessing
and prays for civility in the aftermath of 
tomorrow's Wisconsin gubernorial recall election.

A downspout at the Glasenapp's is propped by a blue glob of art glass,
a gift from friends once given to our hosts.
Even when taken by our small Z221 ATT&T cell camera
- a Lower Crustacean device -
the blue catches the light just right.