Thursday, June 7, 2012

See where strife has led our unhappy citizens? - Virgil's Eclogues


On the day after the recall fan 
got hit by the shit
- as some of my Republican friends 
would have me think -

I busied my sorrowful self
doing some gardening on the loft landing
under a skylight
where the sun streams down brightly.

We had an old Amaryllis bulb
that got lost on a high closet shelf
when we moved into the Odd Fellows
two years ago.

Would it still sprout after so long a

It was crispy 
and the firmer bulb part felt thin
but I figured it deserved a chance
so I soaked it in water for a couple hours
then planted it gently in some fresh soil.

Then I misted it and placed it in
a sunny place, here,
in a friendly environment.

Today, the very next day, I saw a tiny
thumbnail of new green pushing through
the dead brown crisp, much of which
I'd removed.