Monday, September 13, 2010

Cat, now dead, rides nearly bare back of beautiful woman:

His name was Mr. Coon
or Ragtime

Now, the late.

He would insist on riding around on his mistress's back

and as she was nothing if not an accomodating mother

she logged so many hours traversing the house

like that

that she developed a serious crick.

So much did she love the often surly beast

as we all did.

Well, no, not Leland.

Now we have Mona, another tabby,
and we've shared our residence with her
for 20 (count'em) years.
Mona insists 19.
She loves 'watermillion'
- her mispronunciation -
so Mona-loving Dee often has a bowl
of the favored fruit
with the several dishes at Mona's
feeding station.
And, for the preparatory long naps the old cat takes
on her preferred velvet-tufted chair
(dreaming, we conjecture, of watermillion),
she nestles up to her Dee-provided
heavenly cushion........
and rests.
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