Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An old perspective:

Once upon a time:

Waukesha water was considered laden with health properties. Even the city seal to this day shows a figure dipping a gourdful of spring water.

There was even a beer brewed here called a 'health' beer. But now, there is a water war going on among city officials and others over whether to pipe Lake Michigan water to serve the formerly blessed community, in order to meet current radium safety levels. And Lake Michigan is not the same as the clear, bubbling water that used to flow so freely from mysterious but-taken-for-granted springs, all over town......we carried wagon loads of it home from a nearby spring in Silurian Park, where it ran continuously, 24 hours a day, and was free of charge...... and radium.

So many changes and expirations have been witnessed by the SRN, born in 1936.