Saturday, September 4, 2010

Erin Kate Dix
completes first post-master's project
plays major role as an archivist
on the 1970 bombing of UW Sterling Hall
oral history film and entails
Find the video at:

Note Erin's listing in the credits above. This was a 'for pay' task, her first work as a graduate library science archivist. Her words in an accompanying Email:
I finally got the slideshow uploaded and published today, in case you are interested in seeing it. This was an extremely technical and complicated process (not the production of the slideshow as much as the process of getting it online), so I am quite proud of myself :)The higher-quality version with captions is here: There is also a version, sans captions, on YouTube:

Erin takes first leap off the high diving board
Buchner Park pool, Waukesha WI