Friday, September 3, 2010

Once upon a time......

we tinkered with burying St. Joseph statues in the yards of houses we were trying to sell. At first we thought it was superstition. Then it started to work. We would bury a statue after a period of no sales and shortly thereafter we would get an offer.

Successful closings followed. It made a believer out of us. The gift store at Holy Hill began to recognize us as a serious collector of St Joseph statues.

We figured if a single statue of St. Joseph would work, maybe a whole nativity set would provide ever more selling power.

We began buying entire plastic sets of nativity scenes, made in Taiwan. For a while, sales boomed. We thought we were onto something.

But sometimes folly can lead to excess.

We began to feel funny about what we were doing. Eventually we were hospitalized. Then we lost our own house.

Be careful what you pray for.


Sign on utility pole at St Paul's church, Hubertus WI
not far from the Holy Hill gift store.