Saturday, September 18, 2010

Unto all things, a season:

(Artist's rendering)
At the end

of a long stone outside corridor
stands Brian the doorman, a Russian,
and this is the current home of the
sewer raccoon news.

The masonry for this complex was laid in 1882. Ancient fossil-laden limestone, seemingly randomly set, but obviously sturdy, is destined to stand another 100 years or more.

An interesting truth is that this grandiloquent outside entrance was formerly a mere service alley. Enterprising kinged renovators captured the building on the checkerboard of commerce, and revamped The Putney thoroughly. The News resides on the top floor in a former Odd Fellows Hall. A bright skylight above our desk admits the blinding illumination requisite for our sometimes in need of greater light thoughts. So too do the other rooftop domes here in our unmarked and - from the outside - inauspicious unit.

After fame that became unbearable in later years, we purposefully sought anonymity, and we have found it here.

The only addition we've added to the sedate and stony facade is Brian the Russian doorman. He is not allowed to tell anyone that we live (and work) here. For that he is tipped generously. And he spends a lot of time off.