Friday, November 19, 2010

Thank you, Waukesha!

An easy way to ferret out what bugs some Waukeshans is to read the SOUND OFF column in the local sneeze (Freeman newspaper).

But we who read the The Freeman regularly have not found a single objection to the habitation of our sub-population of sewer raccoons.

There have been endless letters in Sound Off pertaining to municipal leaf removal, disharmony of local government, proliferation of downtown tattoo parlors........leaf removal( did I already say that?)

AND ETC. Lots of serious stuff.

But so far, the sewer raccoons have been allowed to come and go in their furtive peace, the peace for which they have apparently chosen Waukesha. No one has complained about them. For that, subterranean gratitude issues from corner grates.

No matter if the raccoons creep up behind little children on Halloween Trick or Treat night and occasionally steal a bag of candy; no matter if they gather random bits of coveted tin foil, or broken glass or discarded pizza from our gutters........

Waukesha knows how to be friendly to all: the long, the short and the tall, the homeless, those who can squeeze into the sewers, the orangely-shod, everybody. Bless them all.....all are welcome.

Some may effuse about the leaves being raked directly into the street, but nobody, we venture, would harm a raccoon.

Unlike the community of Delafield where they are eaten annually at a coon feed. Cong. Sensenbrenner wouldn't miss one of those feeds, per The Sneeze!