Saturday, November 13, 2010

Veterans Day 2010

Dee smiles dreamily at her vision come true.....
ON 11-11-10, A DAY THAT CANNOT and must not BE FORGOTTEN......

Dee and I celebrated our 27th anniversary
by trekking across the street from our loft apartment (see top floor middle windows) to THE CLARKE for dinner.

This was our first time there, although we've been looking down on The Clarke since the middle of April. It is the prominent foreground visage outside our windows. My taste runs toward the more everyday Dave's beanery also across the street, behind The Clarke in juxtaposition only.

You can see Dave's - and the Alanon Center - out The Clarke windows from our table.

Flowers from the family in Plesant Valley MD decorate our living room before we go down to The Clarke.

The view looking down at The Clarke, the morning after. Veterans Day flags already taken down from the imitation gas street lights.
We reflect on how quickly the day came and went. Well, let the Christmas shopping season now begin in earnest, if it hasn't already.....
Next year's anniversary will be a numerologist's delight, when the Dix anniversary - AND Veterans Day - both fall on 11-11-11!
Lord willing, we will go back to The Clarke then
or maybe even sooner. because the dining experience was reasonable and superb! We both had the grilled salmon with an exotic flower soup. Fancier entree names obtained.
We had come down off our high horse in the Putney, at last.
The Clarke is a great lift to the downtown and a brave stake driven in the moutaintop of what the hiatoric district has become and will continue to become.
The Sewer Raccoon News gives The Clarke a 'Five Point' five star rating!