Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wizard hands

With these hands
I do thee wed.....

Last October we went to Pleasant Valley Maryland to join in the 60th anniversary celebration of John and Jean Means, Dee's parents.

This picture of them partaking of a wedding cake had the same bride and groom ornament on the top that stood on the original cake. Some things, and in their examples many things get saved.

Just one example beyond the cake-trimming is the barn that John Means made years ago from discarded bill boards. It stands proudly on their land as a symbol to the raccoon news of what the thrifty forebears of wife Denise can do. She learned the lesson well.

John was at that time a hanger of billboards for The National Advertising Company, ironically based in Waukesha Wisconsin. He asked if he could keep some of the signs he took down, which after a while gave him enough to build a barn for his place.

When you go to shake John Means' hand, be prepared to have your own hand enveloped by a powerful paw. The SRN editor has tried always to stay on his good side.......though he is a gentle man.