Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Birds, cont'd

A flamingo now nests on the ledge by our South Street desk, under the skylight where yesterday’s crow tentatively strode slidingly on the plexiglass.

In the 1980s the flamingo surveyed the back-yard in its original form on the upper deck at 517 Arcadian. It was before 1986 when the bughouse was built. See below.

Alas, as fate would have it, the yardbird eventually had its neck shatteringly broken. Not willing to part with this faded pink artifact, presented to us already old in the 70s by Tom Light of Sequim WA, we therefore took the flamingo head and attached it to two interlocking gourds, grown at the Arcadian address.

In mixed media now, it finds rest in 2011 at the renewed Odd Fellows hall. The 'flung' flamingo roosts on a fleece-covered cottage cheese container. Flightless, it sports nevertheless a pair of leathern wings.

(FLung, FLamingo, FLeece, FLightless)