Friday, September 16, 2011

A Liberal Democrat and a wand'ring minstrel, I

When our brother paid a visit
during Friday Night Live
last week,
he, a Conservative,
made humorous mention
of the Red Ryder BB gun
resting on the center front window sill.
He was wondering if I was planning
to pick off
any Waukeshans
not of my political persuasion.

Re: air, below follows
the recently arrived
weekly column by
James Wigderson:

Wiggy, in our
far out-weighed opinion
here in this Waukesha hot-bed
of rigid conservatism,
now and then
gets things right,
but this time he is
way off.
(Underlined, upper-caps)
Read it and form your
own opinion.

This is what Wisconsinites
may look forward to
in the temporary age of
Walker & Co.


We are liberals here,
so when the recent PENZEY'S
spice magazine arrived,
we zeroed in on this delicious
cowboy bean-stew recipe.
We do liberally douse our
food with Penzey's
fresh seasonings.
This tack seems to go well
with Widgerson's tacky beans....

Penzey currently offers
a coupon for a free half-cup of
spice they call