Tuesday, September 6, 2011

old for a horse

26 year old horse owned by Marge, John Bruning's partner, lives with his other horse friends in a farm setting in Sussex WI.

Bandit and I exchanged long contemplative gazes on Sept. 4 when Dee and I spent some fine hours celebrating the 89 + 1 year birthday of Duffie Bruning.

like Bandit, enjoys the care and good offices of her Bruning family. She is not in a pasture, residing at Avalon Square, Waukesha.

89 + 1, or 26 years for a beloved horse are but nothing for these two of God's beloved creatures, Bandit and Duffie.

(There will be no premature departures for either of them, just because they both have a few years on them.

(Not like in Donald Hall's poem:

Duffie seems to say, "Don't trust this man!"

Sue Crow of Sister Bay WI, former class-mate of Duffie, came down from Door Country with her daughter Pat especially to be with her old friend on this special day. Next to her is pictured Kathy Bruning, wife of son Dave Bruning. Kathy and Marge, John and Dave put on a fine spread!

Jack Mathie has discussion with Dee at the soiree.

Duffie's son, Dave, wore a name tag that read
Dave Duffieson.

John had one that read John Duffieson.

It was a pleasant affair attended by scores of relatives and friends.
The horses were only a few yards away and joined in the festivities.
The lush grass they partook of was almost like a birthday cake......
but the human version was much better.