Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter manifestations

Dee did not have to invest in a new Easter frock
thanks to Deb Howland
who shed her velvet preaching jacket
at the Congo
and bestowed it upon Dee
who wore it proudly

Color, the order of the day

In church, one other person
had the traditional Congregational
old time moxie
to wear an Easter bonnet
and that person was
Lisa Hopper
who wore throughout the service
a natural wicker wide-brimmed
chapeau with orange 
concentric bands.

Lamentably we do not have a picture of it.

But we do have this one,
The one I modified and wore
but kept under the sanctuary
peanut gallery pew 
during the service

my easter bonnet
which reads just above the bill

Seated in the second to last row
on Easter Sunday
were left to right
Dee, Erin, William, me, and Wis

Maureen Dowd's Easter column