Saturday, April 7, 2012

Long things

In our fastidiously maintained
Odd Fellows hall this morning
there appeared a child's rocker
made sort of 
but not really crudely
out of two by fours

- and we think kindly
of furniture made
from two by fours -

This little rocker
made of big wood
and soft cushioning
might have been made
by the child's father

a chap who has separated
from the mother
but who may leave amusements
and comforts for his son
 at the doorway
of the apartment

a space which like ours
is made from a huge lodge hall
divided into bright but haunting
living units,
and a tenant who lives
next to this one with 
the rocking chair

moves like lighting
and keeps halls and lobbies
and she, Fione, may be,
just might be
an Irish leprechaun.

Also this morning 
came this photo on the internet
from Norb Blei of Door County
who takes early morning
snapshots of his beloved territory

and sends them as gifts
to people who are not
in The Door on a day-to-day

He chronicles by camera
and keyboard
aspects of a wonderland
many of us can only
dream about,

but thanks to him
can picture well.