Saturday, April 14, 2012

Woman enjoys her cigar on a nice spring day:

A young lady whose name
I didn't ask
was down at the Fox
Riverwalk this afternoon
leisurely smoking a large cigar.
Dee was walking with me
giving me credibility
so I asked this woman if she would mind 
if I took her picture.

In answer to her "Why?"
I said I found her interesting.
I like to walk around down here
looking for curious things,
I said.

Casting a glance at upright
and trustworthy Dee
she said OK, and smiled
facing the river.

She lingered
blowing plumes of smoke 
over the flowing water..

We walked to the other side
and she was still there
smoking her cigar.

This time I took another picture
with the Bryant bronze bears
as my alleged subject.

We walked a little further and 
took a seat on a bench.
She enjoyed her cigar
for another few minutes
and then gathered herself up
and slowly strolled along
 the riverwalk bricks
toward Barstow Street
disappearing in intervening

What made me find that
photo-worthy, I wondered?
Dee, blessed companion,
said naught.