Monday, April 2, 2012

Just a few Congo greats

Russell Oakes
famed inventor
long-time First Cong. member
is featured in a permanent exhibit
at the Waukesha Historical Museum
with just one of his inventions,
a device that harnessed 
the gum-chewing jaw
with an overhead fan
so that those who chew
may be cooled

Wis Guthrie
at last years's joint art show 
at the Waukesha Tattoo Parlor
and Gallery
in concert with his artist son.

Wis, Lee, Jim and  Ryan,
knit Guthries
are currently working
on the one of the 10 foot
Gibson guitars
for the downtown outdoor exhibit.

Sharon Vallee
who recently adopted 
a three-legged dog,
a puppy injured
in a car accident
and now has a good home.

Just home, his new mother covers 
his furless healing wound
with a sweater.

Win Redding and family
gifts that keep on giving,
every one.