Thursday, May 31, 2012

bearing/baring souls

LAURIE DIX KARI FROM ALASKA, Director of Family Promise homeless shelter in Wasilla, sends this photo this morning.

With Email message:

"On the military base outside Anchorage. Look at those little guys go!"



There was a prayer vigil led by new minister Rev. Brittany Barber
 at the Peace pole in the front yard of the First Congregational UCC,  100 E. Broadway, Waukesha to acknowledge and grieve the shooting death of gas station employee
Nayyer Rana in the overnight hours at the gas station and convenience store next door to the 1838 church.  Rana was a neighbor.

Many congregants gathered at the grassy corner to offer prayers and placed hands full of fresh dirt at the base of the pole recently re-set following construction repairs at the church.