Wednesday, May 2, 2012

three-legged dog in church

Last Sunday after the last hymn Sharon Vallee dashed home to get her little adopted three-legged dog to show the congregation and the children, and especially me, for I've immediately taken to the notion of this woman's kind deed.

Here, Dolly the dog, a puppy, is held by Kaylee, great grand-daughter of a member.  Dolly, although you cannot see it in this photograph taken with a 'lower crustacean' cell phone camera, is minus her right front leg due to a car accident.

A kind person was sought by the agency, and Sharon fell in love with Dolly.  Sharon is building the puppy up with good nourishment, training walks and lots of affection.

On Sunday she cradled her in her arms into the mass of thronged post-service attenders gathered in the fellowship hall.  It was the children - always the children - who exhibited instant attraction for the disabled but bravely compensating tripoded animal.

It was reportedly the biggest crowd Dolly had ever seen, but she nestled against Sharon's shoulder and gazed  peacefully at the unexpected attention.  As she was gently stroked by the kids, any lingering fears Dolly may have had dissipated.  And many members of the church, as in any church or any group, have had their brushes with cataclysmic health.

Dolly gave many an opportunity to focus grateful thoughts on a fortunate dog.

You never know who or what what you may encounter at the First Congregational UCC!
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No visitor should fear;  ALL are welcome, newer ones sometimes on a leash!

Sharon Vallee, Dolly's adoptive mother