Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Serious Wednesday matinee, common men

Fanfare for the Common Man

by Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Tollwood Festival, M√ľnchen (a.k.a. Munich), Germany, 24th June 1997

We here at the Sewer Raccoon News
are common men
(and women);
we are not afraid to live underground
in less than savory environs
holding together an organ
set up for us by son Leland
now five years ago.

We are maintaining
on an old computer.
It, we, and the format of the SRN
are held together with clarinet reeds
and scotch tape.

More modern methods of blogging
involve lots of pretty designs
and sometimes even falling snowflakes
with white on black fonts

but we are truly common men
of the Lower Crustacean species.
This is NOT an upper crust endeavor.

Feel at liberty to exercise
your delete button at any time.
It won't hurt us.
We shall keep on going
to the end
of something.

Now Read This:
Dad comes in to dance with LBJ

(yesterday Email)

Brother Les,
I am aware that you rarely if ever read The New York Times, but I think you will find Bill Clinton's review of Robert Caro's Seat of Power bio on Lyndon Johnson very readable.
One must wonder what Dad would think of the state of the US at present, having served as he did in the White House with LBJ in the Consumer Affairs office, currying and 'mouthpiecing' for Esther Peterson and Betty Furness.  Would he yet be a Democrat?  Walking that bridge in Selma as he did with his minister, Dad was surely in the pattern then.
I can't forget Dad's recollected line of a frequent comment LBJ directed to Dad and Betty F. In his southern drawl he would call into their offices where they quartered with  VP Hubert H., "Lie-ess, wha don' chew and Betti come awn in hyar, I wanna Die-ance with you!"