Thursday, May 10, 2012

Odd Fellows Beacon Lights

You know we're open when the 15 W Christmas tree bulb is lit.
Sometimes we do three. One in each window.

Not a huge downtown presence, but PRESENT!
Call first.

Where we are,
buildings are made of stone 
from the Silurian Age
circa 137 million years old
give or take a few million.

The media on the media

(Waukesha WI SRN 5-10-12)   Last evening the Raccoon News espied a moblile TV broadcast antenna raised  across the way from our headquarters at the Waukesha Five Points.  A commotion seemed afoot at the nearby RECALL WALKER office beneath our windows.  

From the angle of the sun at this early evening hour, our usually sharp focus camera was confused
whether to look at the reflection of our plant or at the gathering throngs below.

With the primary election just past, our speculation that Tom Barrett might be holding court at the Recall Office was, it turned out, correct.  He was moving fast, in and out of the Waukesha predominantly Republican town in his dash to close the election deal in the remaining 28 27 days.

With all the glad-handing needed across the state to firmly oust the Smug Smirker in this close race, we did not get a decent shot at him emerging from the Recall Office.  We very briefly saw him, though, until tree foliage got in our way.

Since we do not watch television at the Odd Fellows, we could not know for certain what was happening per the antenna on-site news transmission.  Fortunately, our item-gathering is more eclectic anyway.