Friday, October 14, 2011

Images today

Above find a page from the Bloedel Reserve fall bulletin arrived recently in the mail at the Odd Fellows hall.
What a new friend we have in Kate Gormley, director and editor of Bloedel's publications, who called a few weeks ago to ask if the Bloedel outfit could run the David Dix MORTICULTURE ode in their (Puget Sound) Bainbridge Island Bulletin. Ms Gormley had found the poem on the internet, somehow, beyond my ken.
On the margins of this artful rendering appears our poem, incrementally, page by page.


An old clock on our desk is embellished by a glued-on griffin. The clock, without gargoyle, came years ago from the Little Swiss Clock Shop, Waukesha. The founder of that shop, the late Eddie White, was a friend of mine when I myself operated a so-called "Decoratory" next door. His wife, Carol. I wonder if Eddie ever dreamed to what heights Carol would take his little (at first) shop?

The surface where our writings take place, now at the old Odd Fellows hall, 3rd floor, Ap't No. 311, 308 South St., Waukesha WI 53186
(See the already much=used stamp on the desk)

The sun streams in the window, illuminating a cacophonous desktop.
On the right there is the wooden box I once made for our mother in her later years. It was meant to inspire her to keep herself beautiful by housing a pair of dumbells I gave her for Christmas. She was asked to use them, and every time she removed the cover the Hula girl would dance seductively. Previously, the springed-figure probably decorated a rear auto window.

Mother has passed, but we still retain the creation, here.
It has the word MOM hammered into a small copper plaque, a reminder.

Today's screensaver has an image of beach glass.
It puts us in mind of time, a subject of late, and of the giver of the camera that now enables all of the sewer raccoon pictures. In better days for him, my brother Les sent me a Nikon P-6000 digital, completely out of the blue. We had never exchanged gifts of this value before.
Les and I share a noteworthy father, Leslie V. Dix. Les II told me he wanted to augment the raccoon news effort with a better tool. Previously the SRN worked with a mere 2 pixel Olympus that is now retired in the desk drawer.

I feel there is a paternal connection in that unexpected gift. I will use it, being on a reprieve now.

What a friend we have in Les.