Monday, January 5, 2009

Up the creek without a paddle

The Sewer Raccoon News
again calls for the local newspaper in Waukesha to cease publishing the vicious rantings of columnist Ann Coulter.
We shan't repeat her latest comments on Michelle Obama, nor hurl thunderbolts at her for her grievous repertoire of anti-liberal venom which is printed in the local newspaper. I used to be a carrier for the Freeman when I was a boy but cannot say I am proud of that now.
The WAUKESHA FREEMAN should revise its policy and stop devoting space to Coulter's Monday column. It's the reason why many, not just us, here and throughout the county do not allow delivery of the paper when she is in it. Coulter disdainers skip the Freeman except for the weekends.
We wanted to simply cancel the Freeman, period, but an enterprising employee called us after we canceled with the receptionist at the desk to find out why we had ended the long-standing subscription. He said if we did indeed want to get delivery of the John Schoenknecht history columns that run in the Freeman - which we said we did -we could reduce my subscription to weekends only.
We understand that this is a conservative community in the main, and we follow the logic that the town newspaper should please the great bulk of its readers. Therefore, the runnings of McBride, Beller, and Sowell, etc. predominate, with an attempt at some balance with Maureen Dowd, Tim Schilke, etc.
But any canoeist will tell you that for a craft to make good steerage there cannot be a paddler, or scooper, who destroys the balance by pulling so far to one side that the boat doesn't stay in the stream. It gets beached.

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