Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yes, I'm Bald, And What Else?

When Dr. Leo Buscaglia advanced his college lectures in his no credit, no fee, elective LOVE course at the University of Southern California to national public television in the 70’s, we, with hordes of viewers around the world, tuned him in.

Several have asked where the 1987 name YIBAWE (Society) came from. It came from the teaching of Leo Buscaglia, that whenever one is learning about someone else, the all-important series of questions should be:
"And What Else? And What Else?"

It is so important not to pigeon-hole people with just one or very few descriptors, Prof. Buscaglia maintained. There should always be a quest for “tell me more.” Many have assumed that when the Yibawean Society speaks of BALDNESS in its name – when they see the word on our official license plates – we are focusing on Baldness alone, but that is only one feature about us, If you wish to know more, merely ask.

Baldness is our random metaphor. With all people, there are many ingredients in the mix of personhood.
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On ancient maps when the earliest cartographers came to the edge of the known world, the words plus ultra (there is more) were inscribed on the margins.

And what else? Indeed.

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