Monday, January 18, 2010

Another hymn to Russell Mocs, Berlin WI


and again

and again.....

we direct our praise to the handcrafted footwear of the Russell Moccasin Shoe Company of Berlin WI. (Pronounced BER'lin)

Yea, when we walk through the valleys and shadows of sometimes outrageous fortune, or trip through tulips of happiness (anywhere, between life and death) we know we will wrap our deserving feet with the sewn, tough-but-forgiving armor plates of Russell Renowns.

The pictured bullhides have stood the test of wear for over 20 years. For a long time we never polished them, letting them gather the scuffs and mud wherever we went, whatever we did.

Now, in their broken-in later life, we want to regularly polish them. It isn't the kind of leather that one easily polishes, but we so honor and revere these mighty treads that now-days, instead of just running them under the faucet and brushing them off, we take the time to sit by the fire and polish and buff, polish and buff......the days of merely water-proofing them and ignoring them are over.

The leather smell caresses out nostrilage; we seem to get a high from the experience though the bulk of the aroma ascends the chimney flu. We want to inhale it before it escapes, unite with it, all of it, clutch it with our very breath.

Some would say, and indeed do say, that we are obsessing. But it may as easily be that these expensive shoes have deserved such treatment, and often.

"Run 'em till they're dead!" was our sorry credo upon those earlier times.

But no more.

We put out an earnest query herewith: What manner of shoe dressing might we get to bring an ever higher gloss to these beauties? I would have them require beholders to don sunglasses e'er examining them.

It may be a matter of overdue respect.