Saturday, January 2, 2010

More on New Year's Eve at Helts

Our car parked at top of drive to insure exit

Colloquy with Laurie 1-2-10 Email

Dear Laurie, & fellow arcticians,

Arising this cold day to a house with heat turned off for the night, it was 50 something, like the age of my first two kids. That kind of low can almost kill you.

Now with the heart of this old house throbbing confidently, the radiators are much too hot to touch. Presently, Mona is on the blanketed LR radiator, unscalded, happy that somebody got up, carefully so as not to disturb her. Dee arose at 6, around Mona on our down blanket where the cat nestles, and turned the thermostat up.

The sleeping giant boiler kicked in, and now at 8:30 it is toasty at 64 and rising. The ice in Mona's water cup is thawed and she no longer has to suck and lap at the bathroom tub faucet, a source of water that never lets her down. That is, until the house freezes and then it will be eating snow time.

I know this is nothing to you Alaskans, hearty souls that you are. You would perhaps just slay a passing moose and crawl inside its guts till warmer weather.

Dee is outside, having gone across the street for a paper, has brought in some 'slats' for warming up a bit (old sawed-up pine fence boards that are now kindling) before we light a fire in the fireplace with wood stacked outside. The cold logs (we burned up the inside wood last night) will require much acclimation to flames before igniting. I will bring that wood in later, or wait, I think Dee is bringing that, too. And she just refilled the chickadee feeder......

It must be said: Without Dee, the birds, Mona and I'd be Door-Nail City.


As to the New Year's Eve ceremony at Helts, we were there, though the pictures don't show that. Unshown (except for a possible SRN illus.) our car reposed at the top of their steep driveway in the night, to assure that we got out. Parked across their drive on the Hogsback Road, we trod testily down on kindly-spread sand John had tossed like a frosted Johnny Appleseed for our descent. The rope line wasn't used.

It is now 8 below outside, and sunny. There is hope.



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From: Laurie A. Kari
To: David Dix
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Subject: Re: A Heltian New Year's Eve

Dad, that cat's eyeball shot is the best!!
I enjoyed all these pictures and it looks like a lovely visit (I assume you were there...none of you in the shots). Rarebit and all.
Great paint job on the snowblower scoop!
Blessing in '10, Dad.
Laurie Kari
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From: David Dix To: Juan Helt Sent: Fri, January 1, 2010 10:59:44 AMSubject: A Heltian New Year's Eve
SEWER RACCOON NEWS money cannot buy
First one of 2010

Proof that Dee was there
wearing her 2nd favorite shirt.
(Note for Paul Kwiecien,
Eagle Scout:
The BSA Official Fire-starting Kit
rests above Helt window,
at the ready. Click to enlarge.
It is there.)

I am into the Helts for ten cents
due to lack of coinage at the
necessary time(s)......