Sunday, December 11, 2011

CHRISTMAS trees around the world, etc.


We like thinking that the people on the street below us look up and see a queer formation on the third (top) floor of the old Odd Fellows Hall building.
"It sort of looks FOX!"
they may mutter as they clamber about, eating at Dave's, or volunteering at the Recall Walker office, or buying beads at the bead shop. Some may just be in from shopping on the periphery of Waukesha as I will just briefly do today.

I have to get a size 2T sweat shirt to paint for my nephew, 2 year old ADAM in Maryland. Dee has tried everywhere to find one with negative results, so I have to go to (gulp; gag) Walmart to find one. So devoted to the family gift exchange name-drawing am I that I will condescend to brave the madcap throngs of that offal place to satisfy such a requirement.

Then, after meeting with the boys at Caribou I will return to the unobtrusivity here to study the Sunday New York Times, in peace.

Yesterday I thumb-tacked our camel tapestry to the wall next to my desk. It was given to me in the early 80s by a woman I knew in Milwaukee's inner city. I regard it, an imitation velvet 'rug' or the genre of the warm ones sold on street corners in the likenesses of JFK, or Pope Somebody, etc. as very much good enough for me. And seasonal.

This lady who gave me the tapestry made another significant contribution to the Dix household when she used a term that has stuck: she called her kitchen appliance a MICHAEL WAVE. A much better word than Micro.


We will soon set up our Christmas tree.
An artificial we bought for $6.99 at Goodwill last year, now that we live in a place where natural trees are not allowed.