Tuesday, December 20, 2011

From SRN to Jack Hill, this date:

I thought of you when studying this picture.  It's a Xmas gift from one of Dee's home companioning clients.
The cookies are sumptuous-looking, too good to eat, but get a load of that plastic container.  The form is used all over - in the supermarket deli self-help counters & etc - YET IT IS GREAT. 

      And to think that my old HS friend made his fortune in plastics.  Yet he's still humble enough to eat with me at Jimmy's Grotto!


This photo was sent to the raccoon news by Rev. John Helt yesterday.  The Helts removed the old inverted cone heat-losing fireplace that came with their house, and replaced it with an energy efficient state-of-the-art enclosed wood stove.  It's what you see straight ahead when entering the front door.  A warm welcome, instantly.

The added mantle gives a justification for the traditional rifle, the feel of a fireplace and a place for the hanging stockings.


The article from today's Freeman says that people stood outside on the sidewalk and cheered when this controversial old gas station and later fruit stand came down.  The cheerers might have been from the YMCA, and/or backers of their expansion plans, who knows?

It seems downright un-Christmasy, even if the hungry clawed crane is red and the demolished roof is green.
One more casualty from my Waukesha youth, in the name of PROGRESS.

  If I had a nickel for every time I walked as a kid past that charming, blending-with-the-neighborhood 'filling station'  I could buy many many of cups of Steaming Cup coffee.

And the Cup, across the street from our Odd Fellows hall,  used to be Morey's News Stand.



Lee, now home for Christmas from Houston,  enjoys a piece of Cleo Glasenapp's stained-glass candy.
When told where it came from, Lee took a piece and, breaking it, said,